Square coagulation BIO-SIL APTT Silica

 Cat nº  Presentation Main features  Principle
  13660  R1 : 6 x 3 mL  Cephalin Silica  (freeze-dryed)

rabbit origin

The use of Silica  minimizes

sedimentation (usable on

automated system)

Ready for use.
Stability and storage
at 2-8°C:
3 years.
After reconstitution:
21 days.
CaCI2 0.025M to be
ordered separately
( 13565).

 Reagent for the determination of activated

 partial thromboplastin time (APTT)

 in human plasmas.
BIO-SIL reagent involves recalcification of
plasma in the presence of standardised amount
of cephalin (platelet substitute) and

a factor XII activator (Silica).
Incubation time:for 3 minutes at 37°C.