BIOLABO D-DIMER Turbidimetric immunoassay

Square coagulation D-DIMER Turbidimetric immunoassay

 Cat nº  Presentation Main features  Principle
  13210  R1 : 3 x 7 mL R2 : 3 x 4 mL

 R3 : 2 x 1 mL

 R4 : 2 x 7 mL

 Liquid reagents. 

Linearity: between 50

and 3200 ng/mL (DDU).


Stability and storage:

Unopened, 2 years  at 2-8°C.

Once opened, at least  for

4 weeks at 2-8°C.

 Turbidimetric immunoassay.
Reagent for quantitative determination
of D-Dimers in human plasma.
Reaction in 5 minutes at 37°C.
Reading: End point at 630nm.
Use standard enclosed in the Kit.