FACTOR X Deficient Plasma

BIOLABO FACTOR X Deficient plasma

Square coagulation FACTOR X Deficient Plasma

 Cat nº  Presentation Main features  Principle
  13310  R1 : 1 x 6 mL  Freeze dried Human plasma fromwhich Factor BIOLABO FACTOR X

Deficient plasmahas been removed by

selective immune-adsorption.
Stability and storage at 2-8°C :
Unopened :
3 years.
Once opened :
8 hours at room temperature.
For use with :

Reagents :
 13883  dilution buffer

to use with plasma during determination

of the Thivolle line (%)
 13880 BIO-TP (ISI 1.5 to 1.7)
 13704 BIO-TP LI (ISI 1.1 to 1.3)
Reference plasma :
Control plasmas :
 13971 COATROL 1
 13972 COATROL 2


 For the determination of Factor Xactivity in human citrated plasma.

Measurement of the clotting time at 37°C,

in the presence of tissular thromboplastin

and calcium, of a system in which all the

factors are present and in excess

(supplied by Factor X Deficient plasma)

except of Factor X which is derived from

the sample being tested.


Incubation Time : 2 minutes at 37°C.