Photometer 5010 V5+

Semi-automated single-beam filter photometer with flow-through cell





Type Semi-automatic, single-beam filter photometer
Light Source Halogen lamp – 12 V, 20 W with protection for lifetime
Wavelength 340 nm – 800 nm
Wavelength Selection Automatic via 9-position filter wheel :
6 standard interference filters: 340 nm, 405 nm, 492 nm, 546 nm, 578 nm and 623 nm;
3 positions for optional filter of choice
Photometric Range 0 – 2.5 A
Cuvette System Micro flow cell: 32 µl, 10 mm light path interchangeable with normal standard cuvettes (macro or semi-micro, disposable or special optical glass)
Temperature Control
  • Internal Peltier element, temperature variable, pre-adjusted to     25 °C, 30 °C and 37 °C
  • Equilibration time for aspirated reaction mixture to reach 37 °C from ambient temperature: 15 sec
Aspiration System Built-in peristaltic pump driven by stepper motor, programmable aspiration volume controlled by infrared light barrier
Sipping Volume
  • Minimum 250 µl, typically 500 µl up to 2000 µl
  • Separate setting of aspirate volume and wash volume
Operator Interface Touchscreen for direct functions and alphanumerical inputs
Data Presentation Graphic display: white characters or symbols, blue backlight, dimension 240 * 128 dots
Integrated Printer Thermal printer, 24 characters per line
Languages English and French / German / Indonesian / Russian / Spanish
  • General operating software can be updated by PC
  • Reagent open system with capacity for up to 231 programmable methods
  • Import of data by touchscreen or PC
  • Up to 50 non-linear calibration curves with max 20 sets of points can be stored
Data Logging Up to 1000 results can be saved in the memory
Signal Port Serial port for connection to an external printer and/or PC
Measurement Procedures
  • Absorbance
  • End Point with factor, standard or multiple standards, with or without reagent blank and/or sample blank
  • Bichromatic end point
  • Kinetics with standard, factor or multiple standards, with or without blank
  • Fixed time with standard, factor or multiple standards, with or without reagent blank
  • Turbidimetry
  • Single, double and triple determinations
  • Curve fitting for non-linear standard curves
  • Free hemoglobin in combination with optional interference filters
Quality control Up to 50 methods can be controlled with two control sera
Levey Jennings plot
Measuring Time
  • Kinetic: variable from 5 – 19 deltas, time per delta 3 – 255 sec in 1 sec steps
  • Fixed time: variable from 0 – 1800 sec in 1 sec steps
Delay Time Programmable from 0 – 1800 sec in 1 sec steps
Mains Supply Range: 100 VAC up to 264 VAC at 50/60 Hz
Dimensions Length 33 cm x width 34 cm x height 18 cm
Weight 5.3 kg